Payment Options

Automatic Monthly Billing

When you book, we'll calculate an evenly divided automatic billing plan for you and you'll choose the day of the month you want your payments to be processed. Your initial deposit is due at the time of booking, and your future payments will be charged according to the schedule you define. Get the answers to your Automatic Monthly Billing Plan questions. Automatic Monthly Billing is available at no charge.

Automatic Monthly Billing FAQs

Deposit Now, Pay Later

The Minimum Payment Plan allows guests to manually make installment payments on their vacation over time. The date that you place your reservation will dictate your minimum deposit amount after which you would be required to make any future payments according to this schedule. Past due payments are subject to a $35 late fee.

Minimum Payment Plan

Pay in Full

You may pay in full at the time of booking. No future payments will be needed, unless you later modify your reservation. Reservations made through August 18, 2020 that are paid in full within 72 hours of booking will receive a 5% discount off room fare. The Paid In Full Discount will only apply if the entire room is paid for and is not available on a per person basis.


Sixthman accepts all major credit cards. To make a payment on an existing reservation, please sign in to your account. See the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for full details.


What Will I Owe If I Book Today?

Automatic Monthly Billing

( per person) due at booking

additional monthly payments
( per person) per month

total cost

Deposit Now, Pay Later

total cost

Pay in Full

due within 72 hours of booking
(includes paid in full discount)

total cost


Paid in Full Discount

Reservations that are paid in full within 72 hours of initial lineup announcement will receive a 5% discount off room fare. The Paid In Full Discount will only apply if the entire reservation is paid for and is not available on a per person basis.

Youth Discount

Children 3- 12 years of age at the time of the event will receive a $199 youth discount. Children up to 3 years of age at the time of the festival will be free if booked as the third/fourth guest in the room. Children up to 3 years of age added as the second guest in the room will receive a $199 youth discount and will not be charged the resort fee.

Military Discount

Guests who are active or retired military are eligible to receive a 5% discount off room fare for the entire room. To receive this discount, please email one of the following items below to allthebestfest@sixthman.net after your reservation has been confirmed. Please blacken out your social security number before sending.

  • Copy of the military LES (Leave and Earning Statement)
  • Copy of military retirement papers (DD214 or DD256)
  • Copy of proof of honorable discharge (Form DD214)
  • Proof for Cadets: A letter from his/her Commander or a copy of a military pay stub.


Single Occupancy Discount

Guests traveling by themselves in their own room are responsible for the double-occupancy rate of the room (the double rate times two). Single occupancy rooms will be charged Resort Fees  for only one guest, and will receive a discount of $199.00 off the second fare.


*Paid In Full and Military Discounts are not combinable.

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