Happy Enchilada Family

"I don't want to be the kind to hesitate,
Be too shy,
Wait too late. . ."

We want to dance with you again at All The Best! As 2020 kicks off and we prepare for the year ahead, we invite all previous Best Fest-ers to join the Happy Enchilada Family by reserving your spot for All The Best prior to our full festival announcement. Don't be the kind to hesitate -- book early!

What does being a member of the Happy Enchilada Family entail?

We don’t know who will be performing (other than Handsome Johnny, of course) and we don’t know which special curated collaborations, activities, and themes will be included in the experience, but we DO know that All The Best promises to be another magical vacation including multiple performances from John Prine and his singer-songwriter friends, countless moments with this tight-knit community as we connect through songs, a luxurious all-inclusive resort stay, and the beautiful, tropical vibes of the Dominican Republic.

This exclusive offer to guests who attended All The Best in 2019 includes:

  • Lowest minimum deposit of $200 per person
  • More time to spread out your payments between now and the final payment date
  • First selection of room category & type while ALL categories are still available
  • Custom All The Best enamel pin
  • Peace of mind. Your vacation is set – let the excitement begin!

Are you ready to join us again?!

Let the countdown to your next vacation begin! All previous Best Fest-ers were emailed an assigned Earliest Booking Time via email on Monday, January 6th and have the chance to reserve your room as soon as this week, between January 8th-10th, or any time thereafter.

Not quite sure yet?

No problem! If you aren’t comfortable booking before we announce the festival lineup, we completely understand. Guests who attended All The Best 2019 will still have the opportunity to book before brand new guests once that information is released. There are no additional steps that you’ll need to take between now and then to receive your priority status. Just stay tuned for more information coming in a few weeks!

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