Dominican Republic Safety


We understand that while we have taken every precaution necessary to ensure the utmost safety for all in attendance, having all the details we and the resort have done and are doing will help alleviate any concerns due to the news headlines coming out of the DR earlier this summer. The below is an update to our original statement here, which includes helpful information provided directly by AM resorts (the parent company of Breathless and Now Onyx). 

While the U.S. State Department travel advisory for Dominincan Republic remains at the same level since All the Best launched in 2018, we wanted to share the key actions taken to ensure all resources are being applied to further enhance the event’s safety measures: 

  1. AMResorts Corporate | Further Enhancements to Safety and Security | Recent Site Visit 

A. We have had and continue to meet and take calls with the highest levels of resort organization including the General Manager and Corporate Executives of AM Resorts (parent company of Breathless and Now Onyx) regarding our demands for the highest level of safety and security 

B. We have received detailed resort employee hiring practices and methods to ensure, for example, previously employed team members do not have access to the resort, onsite security protocols, information on how alcohol & food suppliers are vetted and held to standards along with additional measures put in place since the news of incidents have arisen in the country. 

C. The installation of an additional 450 surveillance cameras to have full coverage of the entire event property. Cameras have been added to cover vigilance beyond the room areas and into areas such as the resort gardens, beach and restaurants. These cameras are monitored 24/7 from a closed security center. The resort is also closely monitored by a team of 36 trained and vetted Security Staff, split into 2 shifts (18 individuals on day duty and 18 on night shift). 

NOTE: This resort security team is separate from a full unit of Artist and Event Safety team members that Sixthman is bringing from the U.S. for additional guest and artist monitoring and safety. These individuals are sourced from event safety companies Sixthman has worked with and have trusted for many years. 

D. Our Operations and Logistics Team Vice President recently executed a thorough review of the property and the resort’s safety and security practices last month when the Sixthman team conducted a deep property review on a recent safety and security focused visit.

2. Independent Security Consultant Analysis

A. Sixthman has contracted Trident Group to provide an independent audit of the safety and security measures at Breathless and Now Onyx  to provide an unbiased analysis of the protocols in place at each of the resorts 


Trident Group Forensics include: 

• Resort Physical Security Processes and System 

• Resort Electronic Security System (Placement, monitoring, response, weaknesses, strengths) 

• Established Entry Points Security System 

• Alternative entry security 

• External Security Support (Police, First Responders) 

• Structural Vulnerabilities (To undetected access) 

• Resort Hotel Staff vetting process Review 

• Cleaning Staff (House Keeping) Reporting and Room Access Accountability 

• Consumables Delivery/Storage Security and Accountability 

• Determination of the Speed to which medical support is capable in reaching the scene in the event of an issue 

B. AMResorts also has contracted a separate independent security firm based in the UK to conduct an outside review of their property and is worth noting, Breathless Punta Cana and Now Onyx Punta Cana have received the Cristal Certification for International Standards in Food, Beverage and Safety. This is one of the industry’s highest-level certifications ensuring each resort has best-of-class processes in place for quality and safety. It encompasses areas such as the supply chain for food and beverages, water quality, fire and safety protocols, and the environment. 

3. Medical 

Paradocs (event medical services professionals with a focus on high profile music festivals):  a further enhanced layer of medical support  in addition to the on property medical center, two on site doctors, a standby ambulance and the resort’s close proximity (only 20 to 40 minutes) to three Hospitals, Sixthman has contracted to bring a team of U.S based medical professionals to provide an extra set of support for artists and guests. SIxthman has worked with Paradocs on a number of high-profile festivals at sea in which they have provided world-class service each time. 

We completely understand the appropriate questions that have been raised regarding recent news from the DR. We take this responsibility to serve you  seriously and are highly confident in the comprehensive measures we and the resort are taking to ensure the safety of our guests, artists, and staff. Our team is fully committed to deliver a world class experience. 

I invite you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or general excitement to share with myself or members of the Sixthman team! We are available Monday through Friday 10:00am-6:00pm ET, and we would love to hear from you.

- Anthony Diaz, Sixthman CEO